Sep 19, 2016

The Moral Philosophy of Self-Driving Cars

Since self-driving cars started to become close to be available to consumers, issues about the management of accidents by the car internal computer are being debated, mostly on the ethical ground. The discussions typically take the form of thought experiments in which people are confronted with ambiguous situations that challenge their rationality and moral sentiments: e.g., if you had no choice, would you rather kill innocent guy A or innocent guy B, save a group of people or save youself etc.

Here some interesting reads and a couple of videos:

Jul 11, 2016

On Brexit and the governance of globalization

The outcome of the vote on Brexit surprised many people, myself included. Nonetheless, the fact that Brexit gained momentum should not come as a surprise. The reasons why Brexit became relevant do not necessarily have to do with populism and issues with democracy as many observers seem to imply. Populism is always a consequence of something else and the rants about "stupid" voters really miss the point. In this post I take a different perspective and ask: what if voters were actually behaving rationally?

Disclaimer: this post is long, not particularly well structured and has not been revised.

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