Mar 18, 2013

Pdf academic papers on ebooks

Suppose you own an e-book reader.
If you happen to be a student, a researcher or, for whatever reason, you need to read plenty of pdf documents that contain math and graphs, you may be disappointed by how badly 7-inch ebook readers perform with pdf.

If you didn't try, trust me: it's a pain.
Either you read the A4/US letter pdf on a 7-inch screen, by zooming or rotating the device, and it is not confortable, or you try to convert the pdf with some tools, and it usually ends up even messier, unless you have a one-column plain text pdf file.

So, you own a nice ebook reader, with its amazing e-ink screen and its everlasting battery, but you can only use it for fiction. You still need to print 200 pages a week for your academic readings, 190 of which you will never need again, but you keep all of them on your desk for at least 6 months...

If this is more or less your situation, then I have good news!

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