Test maker
This spreadsheet can be used as a test database. It allows you to generate randomized printable tests and the relative solutions. See also the blog post (in Italian).
Area of a triangle
This spreadsheet is an application of the Heron’s formula. It allows you to draw and compute the area and the heights of a triangle starting from the sides.
Track changes
Provides a package for basic track changes in LaTeX pdf output.
Pdf extract
Sample commands to extract parts from pdf documents.
A do-file to generate and graph a Cobb-Douglas function.
Graph convert
A do-file to convert Stata graphs in other formats.
Value added content of exports
Scripts to perform a domestic and foreign value added decompostion of exports (aggregate, sectoral, bilateral and bilateral-sectoral). Runs on WIOD release 2013, on WIOD release 2016 and on ICIO-TiVA.

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