Oct 31, 2013

Global Value Chains: Policy Implications and Opportunities

Academy of Global Governance
21-23 October 2013
Scientific Coordinator Bernard M. Hoekman | EUI
This Executive Training Seminar provides participants with a synthesis of recent developments in – and research on – the organization of global production and trade and the design of economic policies to enhance firm competitiveness and the value-added content of production. The rise of global supply chains and networks has important consequences for economic development strategies. The speakers are leading academics and experienced practitioners and focus their sessions on: progress in measuring trade flows (“value added trade” and the “servitization” of industry); determinants of firm-level productivity performance; policies for value addition and upgrading; implications for international cooperation and the design of trade agreements and development assistance.
From the 23rd to 25th of October the Academy of Global Governance also organised the Executive Training Seminar Role of Foreign Direct Investments for Development: Legal, Social and Economic Aspects (Scientific Organizers: Giorgia Giovannetti and Marco Sanfilippo). On Wednesday 23rd speakers from both the Executive Training Seminars participated to an Interactive Panel Discussion, and the UNCTAD “World Investment Report” 2013 have been presented. 


Carlo Altomonte | Bocconi University: Supply Chains and Competitiveness
Stephanie Barrientos | University of Manchester: Social Upgrading and Gender Dimensions of Global Value Chains
Olivier Cattaneo | SciencesPo: Developing National GVC Policy Frameworks
Gary Gereffi | Duke University: Drivers of Supply Chains Performance and Outcomes
Alan Mckinnon | Kühne Logistics University: Sustainable Logistics: Supply Chains and the Environment
Sébastien Miroudot | OECD: Changing Structure of Trade: GVCs and Trade in Value Added
Magnus Rentzhog | Swedish National Board of Trade: Services and Supply Networks
Jo Swinnen | University of Leuven: Product Standards and Supply Chains

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